This 9-week course (8 weeks of instruction and 1 week for review) will drill down beneath the work that corporate clerks and corporate lawyers do and provide insights into why this work is being done and how strategic decisions are made as to what to do.   It will address how corporate structures are used for income tax planning, creditor protection, avoiding shareholder disputes and planning for business succession.  It will look at actual fact situations which turned out well because of good structures and planning, and others which resulted in litigation because of poor structures and planning.

The course will also address where shareholders agreements fit in and how financing, leasing and other commercial issues might affect the situation.  Most importantly, the course will tie together the work that corporate clerks and corporate lawyers do and the real people behind the corporations and examine how the work of corporate clerks and corporate lawyers affects clients’ families and financial well-being.  This course is an advanced course targeted at corporate clerks with significant experience.  Senior clerks in other areas will also benefit from the course. 

Instruction will consist of a mixture of lectures, discussion of case studies and review of documents. Students are required to answer questions and participate in class discussions.  The instructor has a strong preference for students to have their videos on during class.

ATTENDANCE:  Attendance is mandatory.  Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis.


2021 Fellowship Business Law

  • July 7 - September 1, 2021
    via ZOOM